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Make Me Prime Minister (2022)

TwoFour/Channel 4

In 2022, I designed an episode of reality TV show Make Me Prime Minister. Candidates were challenged to work as a team to steer the British government through an emergency situation. Developing this with the brilliant team at TwoFour was an example of my work in interactive narrative design.

Interactive narrative design is a catch-all term for the construction of any story whose telling responds to the actions of those experiencing it. It can involve game mechanics, meaningful audience choices, and detailing your setting to skilled improvisational performers.

Since 2018, I’ve consulted at various levels on the development of interactive shows and experiences, always seeking to bring everything back to one question: how does the audience impact this story?

Most of my work would be considered immersive theatre, but I've also worked on escape rooms and in creating interactive stories for television. In 2022, I took up the role of Chief Operating Officer at interactive sci-fi experience Bridge Command.

Owen Kingston
Artistic Director
Parabolic Theatre

Tom is a great collaborator with a fine mind for this sort of work. In an industry where many try but few really succeed, Tom has been profoundly successful.

Rebecca Hanbury
Assistant Director & Dramaturg
The Wolf of Wall Street (Immersive LDN)

Tom is a whip-smart talent. He created a brilliant escape room for us, putting together exciting clues and beautiful props to make a truly memorably experience. He understands how to get audiences to pull together, while keeping the story alive. He absolutely nailed the brief and audiences loved it.

Joe Ball
Artistic Director
Exit Productions

Tom has been instrumental to the success of many projects with Exit Productions. Efficient, creative and collaborative. The only reason I wouldn't recommend him is so I can work with him more.

Leo Doulton
Artistic Director
Virtually Opera

Tom was an excellent mentor, taking the time to fully understand the project and my goals before offering insightful questions and practical answers to any questions. His enthusiastic and supportive guidance has helped me develop my craft generally, and put the final polish on my current show.


For King & Country: 1944 (Parabolic Theatre)

We Have A Situation (Parabolic Theatre)

England Expects (Parabolic Theatre)

The British Resistance Museum (Parabolic Theatre)


Make Me Prime Minister, episode 3 (TwoFour/Channel 4)

Crisis? What Crisis? (Parabolic Theatre)

Jury Duty (Exit Productions)

The Inquest (Jury Games)

The Office Christmas Party (Jury Games)


Come Bargain With Uncanny Things (Virtually Opera)

Crooks 1926 (COLAB Theatre)

Cycle 93 (Exit Productions)

Cabin Fever (Exit Productions)

The Wolf of Wall Street (Immersive LDN)

To find out more about what I've built, or how I could assist you, contact me.

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