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In 2020, the arrival of the pandemic cancelled all my work. Determined to find a way to make online immersive theatre that could compel audiences in the same way as ‘in-person’ work, I approached Exit Productions with a proposal for a live experience built around interviewing a defendant over Zoom. Success followed, and within a year Jury Games was providing work for more than 30 actors as lockdown continued.

Today, I'm the Creative Director of Jury Games, which still runs online experiences around the world and now also runs live, in-person versions of its award-winning experiences.

“Rethinks the format with genuine imagination.” 
Lyn Gardner, Stagedoor


“Absorbing, sharp and heaps of fun...

online immersive work at its best” 
Anna James, The Stage

“Was I utterly absorbed? Guilty.”

Alexis Soloski, The New York Times

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